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Derek Evans

Welcome to Evans Travel Health

Blog     posted on Wednesday 4th August 2021

       How to prepare for Travel Medicine post-Covid

"We are all aware of that the impact of Covid infections has had on travel and continues to do. With the advent of vaccination programs and sophisticated testing and recording systems in place travel is starting to increase.

However the types of travel such as short haul continues to expand according to the determination of national governments whilst long haul remains dormant. The traveller groups have changed and the emphasis on routine vaccinations being sought by first time travellers going to exotic destinations has shifted to business and essential workers.

With this in mind the marketing of any specific travel medicine services will need to understand these changes. Following lockdowns and extended restrictions many travellers are now attempting to visit families and friends (VFRs) who they have only seen through video links. These VFRs will be a key target group during the revival of travel medicine demands and services.

A key part of the practitioners will be the flexibility to react to short time departures and supply necessary vaccines and medication where required. This parallels with the quick turn around that Covid tests are required for entry into another country before departure from the UK. It seems that a mix of PCR and rapid antigen tests are required within a range of departure times from 24 to 96 hours before departure.

The underlying point here is that this increased cost needs to be allowed for during any travel consultation and also the returning costs of testing and/or isolation. It is unlikely that these costs will be removed in the short term and certainly Covid will become another disease to be routinely covered during a travel medicine risk assessment."


Lest we forget...

Posted on June 10, 2020 at 10:50 AM

Whilst the world is focussed on the covid 19 virus and the impact on society; little has been discussed regarding other virus infections which we already know more about. Last year we were all aware of the issue of dengue infection, the poor performance of the Denvaxia vaccine and the increasing number of areas reporting raised levels of infection despite increasing public health responses.


Coming forward 12 months from the traditional rainy season in SE Asia we have reports of Aedes infections bringing with them the traditional infections of dengue, chikungunya and zika. Even countries such as Singapore with high healthcare standards are reporting high levels of dengue with 9000 cases so far this year and a weekly reporting of over 700 cases. Other countries such as Thailand are reporting infections from all 77 provinces with a country total so far of +14000 cases.


So why are we seeing the continued rise. One of the possible answers comes from scientists in India who have identified that the Aedes mosquito has adapted its egg laying to the sides of water containers.


Originally mosquito eggs were considered to be laid in a raft on the water surface before maturing and some such as Anopheles and Culex continue to do so. The Indian discovery was that Aedes now lays its eggs on the side of the water containers so they can mature in wet or dry conditions as the water levels adjust up and down, surviving for up to 9 months in dry conditions.


The virus itself enters the eggs and develops inside these cells during the lean period so they are available to be released at day 1 of the maturation.


If this research is confirmed then it may require new guidance to be issued, this will include the wiping and cleaning out of water containers every 2-3 days and not just emptying them.

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